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Covid-19 Statement : Pure Kool provides an essential service to homes and business. As such we continue to operate and make deliveries to our domestic customers and other essential business during the lockdown period. The health and wellbeing of our staff and customers is our main priority. Deliveries will only be carried out on a CONTACTLESS basis, and throughout our operations we follow strict protocols around social distancing, hand hygiene, and safe working practices as per the latest public health guidance.


Bottled water coolers


We provide a range of water coolers for offices and businesses, we will have a solution that suits your business needs.

Mains fed water coolers


Are you a high usage customer ?
Then a mains fed / plumbed in water cooler will be just the water cooler you need.

Water purification systems


As well as filtration systems for mains fed watercoolers, we also provide domestic and commercial water purification systems.

Catering filtration systems


We also provide high quality commercial water filtration and softening solutions suitable for the hospitality and catering trades.

Coffee makers


A coffee maker is just as important in the workplace, to see our range of Segarfredo coffee machines we supply in NI please visit www.espressodirect.ie

Water systems company

professional & family run

We are a family run business. There is a level of pride invested in each bottle we produce, and in every delivery we make.

Bottled & plumbed in water coolers...

Why a water cooler?

Our bodies need water, it is recommended that we drink two litres (8 glasses) every day, however few of us do. If we don't drink enough water we become dehydrated, this commonly leads to headaches and fatigue, recent studies have found that children who are dehydrated do not concentrate well during classes at school. Some studies have linked long term dehydration to a much wider list of health problems.

Drinking water

A water cooler that is right for you

The solution is one of our fantastic water coolers and our direct delivery service of natural Irish spring water bottled at source. Alternatively if you are a business with a high usage of drinking water one of our mains fed / plumbed in water coolers may be more appropriate.

We have a water cooler that is right for you, should it be at home for the work environment, click here for home water coolers or here for water coolers for office / business. We also now supply and maintain plumbed in water coolers.

Free bottled water cooler trial

We have made it as easy as possible to experience the convenience and taste of our water by offering you a no-obligation free trial at your business for 2 weeks, simply complete your details on our cooler trial form.

Free water delivery Belfast, Lisburn & Newry

We can supply water coolers and water refills for the home, office and businesses right across Northern Ireland (NI) including Belfast, Lisburn, Newry, counties Antrim, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh, Londonderry and Tyrone.

To find out more about our unique water cooler service contact us on 0800 458 8921 or email us.

About Pure Kool in Belfast

Pure Kool Limited was set up in Northern Ireland to provide modern watercoolers which fit with todays modern environments and a quality water delivery service to support the water coolers.

Our state of the art watercoolers are very stylish and have interchangeable side panels that should fit in with most home and business decor schemes. The SlimCool water cooler has been specifically designed for the home and small business market, with its small footprint it should fit virtually any environment. The coolers we provide serve chilled water on demand and can be operated by both children and adults, whilst the patented Watertrail™ technology contained within ensures each glass of water is as fresh as the last.

Office Coffee Makers from Segafredo

We now stock office coffee makers, dispensers and coffee refill capsules to go with them, contact us for more information about our Segafredo coffee machines for sale that we supply to Belfast, Lisburn and across County Down and Armagh..

A reliable water company for NI

Our company ethos is pretty simple, we provide a quality service, so you can be assured that you will always feel that you are being well looked after.

Northern Ireland covered

We provide a regular delivery service across Northern Ireland, including Belfast, Lisburn, Newry and counties Antrim, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh, Derry / Londonderry and Tyrone. To find out more about our fantastic watercoolers and great delivery service contact us.